In the year 2008 I joined inncoa GmbH which had been founded three years ago by a former client as associate. Also one of my former assistants at the Institute of Applied Research is acting there as associate and business manager. The company is located at Neustadt Donau, about 30 km away from the University of Applied sciences. It is equipped with all facilities, needed for a laboratory for material engineering, i.e. optical and electron microscopy, hardness testing, tensile testing, corrosion testing and electrochemical methods.
I am connected with inncoa GmbH only as joint partner, consultant and freelancer, but with regard to my status as public servant, I do not carry out any operating activities there. On the one hand all laboratory investigations, necessary as a base to consult my customers in a targeted and effective way can be done beside the College promptly and reliably by qualified cooperators. On the other hand, any conflicts between my private advisory role and my public function as professor are thereby excluded.

If it becomes apparent in the run up to cooperation with a potential customer, that laboratory experiments will be the main part of the work to be done, I recommend operating the whole project via inncoa GmbH. In this case, the complete administration, the technical project handling and the cost and progress control will be entrusted to a professional and reliable staff and I may concentrate on the matter, I can do best: To assist you with the solution of your problems concerning materials, corrosion or surface technique.

















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