Beside a mere transfer of knowledge, the training is focused on an open discussion, oriented at practical problems. Additionally it is possible, to discuss questions, unsuitable for a public treatment during the breaks in confidence.

The „Haus der Technik“ is Germany´s oldest and perhaps mostly respected Institute for further education in the field of technical engineering. It provides more than 1500 events per Year. In terms of organization, it is associated to the RWTH Aachen.
For the “Haus der Technik” I have performed a three day seminar titled “Corrosion and Corrosion Prevention” for more than ten years. Until today, about 500 participants from the automotive and machine building industry, power and supply engineering, offshore business, chemical industry and from the construction sector have visited the workshop. According to the results of the evaluation, which is carried out continuously by the organizer, they left the training satisfied and with helpful suggestions.

The contents of the seminar are:

>Electrochemical basics of corrosion

>Corrosion of light metals

>Stainless steels and their corrosion behavior

>Copper, Nickel and Cobalt based alloys

>Corrosion testing

>Corrosion fatigue and fretting corrosion

>Corrosion protection by metallic platings

>Corrosion protection by organic coatings

>Constructional aspects

>Joining technique and corrosion protection

The seminar takes place twice a year, during springtime in Essen and in the autumn in Munich. You can find the next dates at HdT´s online program.

















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