Ignoring corrosion and corrosion protection may have high follow-up costs. Warranty charges and a potential damage to the image of your company may leave severe tracks on its balance or even threaten its existence. Consequently, a focused training in this field is a smart investment.
I offer in-house trainings, tailored for your company and the informational needs of your employees. The extent of these trainings may vary between one and three days. Based on the standard education program “corrosion and corrosion prevention”, presented at the “Haus der Technik” the contents may be completed by further topics from my lectures for advanced students and a wide personal experience in the field. Compared to the standard product, which is exclusively merchandised by “Haus der Technik” this variant offers some clear advantages:

>Even for small groups more cost effective

>Tailored in respect of content, focused upon your problems,
Flexible schedule

>Open discussion, as no external participants are present

>Unlimited treatment of current questions

>Extensible by practical laboratory courses




Do you have or are in fear of a corrosion problem, you cannot solve on your own, or are you seeking for more cost efficient solutions? Take advantage of my technical knowledge and experience. I am offering the below-mentioned services:

>On-site survey, rapidly and wherever you want

>Discussion and exchange of experiences with your experts, hitherto confronted
with the problem

>Proposals for solution based on literature researches and wide personal

>Support on the practical realization of these proposals


Not always a proposal for a therapy may be given immediately. Like in medicine, an exact diagnosis is needed prior to the start of remedies in many cases – or the state of the art does not yet offer a proper solution.
In both cases I will not let you down with your pressing corrosion problems. On the contrary, by means of the „Institut für angewandte Forschung“ and its laboratories or in partnership of the “inncoa GmbH” I am able to identify the reasons of corrosion phenomena, unobvious even for an expert and to develop and to prove new solutions, not yet established on the market.

















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